Interview with Julia Frodahl
December 22, 2003

ERA: What is Edison Woods? What are their principles as a collective? What are the musical premises that you represent?

JF: Edison Woods is a sentiment for you. It takes on many forms, primarily music but many forms.

ERA: What would you say to possible listeners that your album "Seven Principles Of Leave No Trace" offers?

JF: Warmth.

ERA: After your first album (unpublished in Europe) for which you received good reviews in specialized music magazines, what do you expect from the press and the audience regarding this new album?

JF: You wonderful things are mysteries to me. I think I will never know what to expect from press and audiences.

ERA: Edison Woods is a collective devoted to different artistic shows (music, theatre, performances, installations). Where would you place your music project within all these different activities? In your other artistic projects, like theatre and performances, what is the role played by the music?

JF: Music is what came first and it is the most active part of it all. At times we bring ideas involving other mediums to the music performances. Or it can happen the other way: I will write a performance piece, for example, and then compose for it, such as I did for the performance piece in which I spend time sitting in a fishtank with a large coi fish named Axol. But the projects tend to feed and bleed into one another, to unite, regardless of what medium one began with.

ERA: What is music for you?

JF: A house with a big skylight.

ERA: How would you define the music you do?

JF: Maplessness, very carefully arranged.

ERA: What has your collaboration with Mark Van Hoen, Alan Weatherhead and Simon Raymond meant in the final result?

JF: I can't thank them enough, really. Their experience and musical contributions have had much to do with our ability to realize the ideas behind this record.

ERA: You have been compared with Low, Mazzy Star, Nico, Cowboy Junkies, the Dirty Three. What do you think about these comparisons?

JF: I have been listening to Nico all week. She works like that, suiting such a particular mood. And the Dirty Three draw gorgeous landscapes. I can almost see the places they come from.

ERA: You have been labeled as new folk, lo fi ... Do you feel close to any music style or do you look for a combination of styles where you merge your songs?

JF: Have you read the poem by Rilke called "For The Sake of A Single Poem"? Sometimes the things we've loved become part of the bloodstream and then later, when we go to utter a thing we feel, without looking for those things, there they are.

ERA: Is your project focused to be played live?

JF: Oh, yes. The live performances are meant to be quite alluring. The sound will embrace you and also, there are little secrets for those who watch closely.

ERA: Have you played live as Edison Woods? Where?

JF: We play in New York often, or in Brooklyn lofts on Sunday mornings, in dives under pool-halls in North Carolina, or in the gorgeous theaters we can find with velvety velvety red curtains.

ERA: Have you considered to play in Europe or to make a European tour?

JF: Yes, we are coming very soon. March and April 2004, and we are so very happy about this. All of the dates will be posted on our website for you:

ERA: What are your next plans for the future?

JF: Who can know?